BKF Repair Tool Box

BKF Recovery Application

Perfect BKF recovery tool renders the most pinnacle of repair BKF file process. This tool is one of the finest tools of our company that ranks in one of the top most recovery tool in the entire software group of companies.

Loss of Catalog Files Causing the Damage? Use Perfect BKF Recovery Software

The loss of catalogue files is no such error but just the notification of the replacement of certain file you are trying to open. The mere replacement of the BKF files from its default location can cause the popping up of such an error as the user might have been trying to open the required BKF file from the relocated location.

Simple Solution

Just relocate the file back to its default location and the error will disappear.

If still a problem persists then you're certainly must be facing a corruption in your BKF file and the reasons could be any from the following:

  • The size limit of FAT file system is 4 GB and if you have stored your backup data in the FAT file system with over 4 GB of database then your files have corrupted due to the lack of space.
  • The Bits running along with the backup process then the backed up files are prone to corruptness easily.
  • The relocation of files as mentioned earlier also causes corruptness and the default location of the backup files are as follows:
    C Drive > Windows > System 32

Such causes of corruptness can easily be resolved with the help of the Perfect BKF Recovery process we are providing you with our BKF repair tool.

Possessed Lineaments:

  • The restoration of all the aggregation of the backup files which helps in restoring the original backup file's creation date
  • The user interface or the frontend of the tool is made easy to be operated even by a novice user
  • Numerous number of corrupting issues are resolved with this Windows backup recovery tool like the:
    • 14804 - Error Running NTBACKUP on NCR System 3000 Model 3410
    • 14736 - NTBACKUP Cannot Open Log File During Batch Mode
  • You can repair unlimited number of files with this tool